68 currently established at US$40. MOA Participants pay an Upgrade Fee of US$25 when they request and are confirmed to a Unit Upgrade at a VRI- managed Resort. Participants pay a Season Upgrade fee of US$50 to US$100 when they request and are confirmed to an Upgrade by Season. 10. Premier Access Members reserving Premier Time are required to pay a Premier Time Fee, which fee generally equals the number of nights reserved multiplied by the nightly rate established by TPI based upon the occupancy date or other unit-specific criteria, such as unit size, plus a transaction fee. Premier Access Members pay a discounted Premier Time Fee, plus a transaction fee, when they reserve resort accommodations at Resorts participating in their designated Premier Access Family of Resorts. In all instances, the transaction fee is currently established at fifteen dollars (US$15.00). 11. Some jurisdictions have imposed a tax on the occupant of resort accommodations. Consequently, any bed tax, transient occupancy tax, or similar tax that is imposed shall, in those circumstances, be the responsibility of the exchanging Participant. Participants may be required to contact the Host Resort prior to arrival in order to prepay such taxes and certain other resort fees. Additionally, Participants are responsible for all personal charges (e.g., telephone calls and meals) while at the Host Resort, and any utility surcharge or other permissible charge imposed by a resort, as well as any damage to, loss of or theft from the Host Accommodations and facilities that is caused by Participants or their guests. 12. Fees, if any, charged by Member Resorts for certain services and amenities are determined and levied by each resort. Such fees are the responsibility of the Participant. These fees vary from resort to resort. 13. All fees may be increased from time to time by TPI, at its sole discretion, upon written notice to Participants. 14. The fees set forth above are applicable for residents of the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Residents of other geographic areas are subject to different fees which are assessed by local servicing offices or representatives. Contact Information Address: 25510 Commercentre Drive, Suite 100 Lake Forest, CA 92630 Phone: 800.365.7617 Email: Website: Copyright © 2019 Trading Places International. All rights reserved. Information subject to change without notice.