How to Exchange

Whether you’re new to timeshare exchange, or a seasoned exchanger but new to Trading Places, depositing and exchanging can be confusing…especially when each exchange company has different rules and processes. Select from the steps below for more details on how to deposit, exchange and more with Trading Places International. Exchanging with TPI is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First we have to double check:

  1. Do you have your confirmation? Our Vacation Specialists can either mail or email your confirmation to you, but the easiest way to receive a copy of your confirmation is to log into your online account. If you do not have an online account, call us at 800-365-7617 to help set up a login and password for the account we have for you on file.
    Review My Reservation History in My Account
  2. Have you double checked your arrival/departure dates? Nothing is worse than showing up to a resort ready for vacation…and you’re a week early or late! Never hurts to double check!

Yes & Yes?

Great! We can help you get to the resort and even extend your stay. Consider these:

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Or simply sit back and relax…your vacation is planned!

Tips, FAQs & More

Exchanging your timeshare week can sometimes be a tricky process! We want to help you create the best vacation experience, including the planning. The following are some helpful tips, frequently asked questions and more to keep in mind when exchanging your timeshare with Trading Places International.

Exchange Tips

  1. Plan well in advance – 10-12 months is best if possible.
  2. Deposit your week for exchange even if you're not yet sure where or when you want to travel.
  3. Be flexible. Give us a few desirable options for location and vacation timing. Have a back-up plan.
  4. Avoid requesting a holiday period unless you are giving up a similar period at a different time.
  5. Be sure TPI has your correct daytime phone, and e-mail.

Compare & Save

When exchanging your week, you have a choice of which company you use. Trading Places provides a great value with our FREE Classic membership, low exchange fees and exceptional service. For those that travel on multiple exchanges each year, our Prime membership provides discounts on our already low rates. Click here Click here for more information about TPI's Classic & Prime Memberships.

  Classic Membership Prime Membership
Exchange Fees $169 $144

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I create an account?
  2. To create an account, click on “Create Account” on the Sign-In window or click here.

  3. I've worked with Trading Places before. Do I need to create an account?
  4. If you have deposited/exchanged your week, purchased Hot Deals or are a club member, you will already have an account on record. To establish the online log in credentials, please call us at 800-365-7617 or email

  5. What is my member number?
  6. Your member number is the same number that is found on the top left section of the (deposit, exchange, or Hot Deals) confirmations you may have received from Trading Places. This number is probably different from your club or owner numbers. Contact Trading Places if you can't remember your member number.

  7. I don’t remember my login information, how can I retrieve it?
  8. If you have forgotten your password, please select “Forgot my Password” and follow the steps to retrieve your password. To make any changes to your account information, you can login and go to My Account to make any changes.

  9. My contact information has changed. How can I update that information?
  10. You can make changes to your contact info by signing in and clicking “Update Contact Info” from the My Account page.

  1. Why should I exchange with Trading places?
  2. Unlike some other exchange companies, there are no mandatory membership fees to join Trading Places, and our exchange fees are lower than other major competitors.

  3. How do I deposit a week?
  4. First, you will need to schedule your use week at your home resort. Once you have your use week confirmed, you may deposit your week online or over the phone at 800-365-7617. You will need to provide us with the resort name, arrival date of your use week, unit size, and confirmation.

  5. When do I need to deposit my week?
  6. Deposits must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the arrival date of your use week. If a deposit is made less than 60 days prior to arrival, your deposit credit will be dependent on another TPI member confirming the week you deposited.

  7. How long do I have to travel using a deposited week?
  8. The expiration of your deposited week is 2 years from the arrival date of the week you are depositing, and it is a travel by date. Example: If you deposit a week with a beginning travel date of January 1, 2021, your deposited week of credit will expire January 1, 2023.

  9. How do I check what is available for exchange?
  10. To search our current exchange availability Click here.

  11. Do I have to deposit my week before I can see what’s available for exchange?
  12. Anyone can search at any time! To see what’s available right now, visit our Exchange Availability page and look around. Click here.

  13. The location I am interested in is unavailable, can I be added to a waitlist?
  14. Yes! If you have an eligible deposit, you may submit a waitlist request online or by calling 800-365-7617. A waitlist request is the best way to get the exchange you want, as it assures you will be offered a match before it is made available on our website and to other members calling us. You will be contacted by email once a match is found, and all offers are made in the order received, so be sure to place your waitlist as soon as you know when and where you want to travel.

  15. Can I request an exchange into a larger size unit or for a higher demand season?
  16. Yes, but remember, exchanging is based on like value. Unit upgrade fees may apply if you are exchanging into a unit that has more bedrooms and/or larger occupancy than what you have deposited. Please contact our exchange department at 800-365-7617 for fee details.

  17. What is Trading Places’ cancellation policy for exchanges?
  18. To review the Cancellation Policy for exchange reservations, click here.

  1. What are Hot Deals & Weekly Rentals?
  2. Hot Deals and Weekly Rentals are 7-night condominium stays offered at competitive prices. You will find many of the same great locations that are available for Exchange, and they do not require a deposit to access. Click here to search availability.

  3. Do I have to own a timeshare to confirm a Hot Deal or Weekly Stay?
  4. No, you do not have to own a timeshare to confirm Hot Deal or Weekly Stay rental reservations.

  5. How do I change or cancel my Hot Deal/Weekly Rental reservation?
  6. Hot Deals and Weekly Stays are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

  7. How do I locate my Hot Deal/Weekly Rental reservation confirmation?
  8. A confirmation is emailed once the booking process has been completed. To retrieve a copy, login to your account and view your Reservation History. You may also call 800-365-7617 to request the confirmation be emailed to you.

  9. Do you offer any discounts? How about specials or promotions?
  10. Trading Places Prime members receive $40 off Hot Deals. TPI also sends periodic special discounts via email to all our members, so make sure your email on file is current.

  11. Does Trading Places offer an owner rental program?
  12. Owners at resorts managed by Trading Places are able to list their week in our Owner Rental program. For more information, please call 800-365-9190.

  1. When can I expect my annual maintenance fee statement?
  2. Regular association dues are billed at different times for each resort. Please go to your resort website, choose Owners Corner, then choose Assessment Fees or FAQs for specific dates. For a list of resorts and links to each website, click here. Please note: a statement is mailed to you as a courtesy to assist you in making your yearly maintenance fee payment. Non-receipt of a statement does not relieve you of your financial obligation.

  3. How do I pay my maintenance fees? Can I pay online?
  4. Check/Cash payments are encouraged to help keep association expenses down, however if you can not pay by cash or check most resort/association websites offer the ability to pay your maintenance fees online with a credit card. Visit your dedicated website, choose Owners Corner, then choose the Assessment Fees section to pay online. For a list of resorts and links to each website, click here.

  5. I’m new to timeshare. How can I learn more about my purchase?
  6. The Owners Corner section of your resort or association website will have a wealth of information: FAQs, important contact info, governing documents, rules of the resort, and more. Additionally the website will have resort and area photos and information. For a list of resorts and links to each website, click here. Our Owner Services team is also available to answer all your questions and walk you through the details. Each resort has a dedicated phone number and email address. Visit our contact page and select Owner Services & Managed Resorts for your Trading Places managed resort for this info. Owner Services is extension 1!

  7. Why do I have to call in to make reservations for my use week?
  8. Before using, exchanging, or renting your week, you’ll need a specific week assigned to you. Fixed week owners own the same week each year, so by default already have a specific week assigned. Float use owners, on the other hand, may own within a certain season, but still need to call in each year to be assigned a specific week with specific travel dates. We encourage float use owners to make reservations early, early, early! For a great explanation of the reservation process and the reason you should reserve early, click here.

  9. I own a fixed week. Why do I have to confirm my use time?
  10. If you are planning on using your week, great! We are excited you want to enjoy your home-away-from-home. But if you are not planning on using your week, we greatly appreciate being notified so your week or unit doesn’t go unused. Someone else might want to enjoy your resort too! For your dedicated TPI resort phone number, click here.

Trading Places International is a proud member of the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.), an exchange association comprised of other industry members who network to achieve the same goal: find the best destination for our owners/members. Through C.A.R.E. we are able to locate destinations that may not otherwise be available to Trading Places.