1. How do I create an account?
    1. Click on “Create an Account” on the login window or click here.
    2. Answer the preliminary questions to find out if you already have an in-house account set up with Trading Places.
      • If yes, you will be asked for your member number and phone number. Next you'll be asked to create a login and password. Your member number and phone number will have to match the information we have on record. Please contact Trading Places at 800-365-7617 if you don't know your member number or can't find a match to your phone number. Do not create a whole new account; otherwise you will not be able to view history or current deposited weeks you have with Trading Places.
      • If you answer no to the questions, please enter your contact information and create a login and password.
  2. I've worked with Trading Places before. Why do I need to create an account?
    It is true that if you have deposited/exchanged your week, purchased Hot Deals or are a club member you will already have an account on record. The purpose of "creating an account" is to connect to that account to view your information online. Please follow the instructions in question #1 above.
  3. What is my member number?
    Your member number is the same number that is found on the top left section of the (deposit, exchange or Hot Deals) confirmations you may have received from Trading Places. This number is probably different from your club or owner numbers. Contact Trading Places if you can't remember your member number.
  4. What should I do if I am unable to login?
    Please call us at 800-365-7617, or email exchange@tradingplaces.com and a Vacation Specialist can assist you.
  5. I don't remember my login. How do I retrieve it?
    Your login is your email address. Contact Trading Places if it says your email is not on record or if you are having other problems with your login. Please call us at 800-365-7617, or email exchange@tradingplaces.com and a Vacation Specialist can assist you.
  6. I don't remember my password. How do I retrieve it?
    Please click “Forgot my Password” on the Login pop up. You will be asked to enter your login email address or member number, and asked a secret security question. Please answer the secret question and click Get Password. Your password will appear on the screen.
  7. How do I change my password?
    Login and go to My Account. Click on the Change Login Password link and complete the form.
  8. How do I update/change my email? When I click on Update Account Information there is no place for me to change my email.
    Your email is the same one used for your login email. To update/change your email address, login and go to My Account. Click on the Change Login Email link and complete the form.
  1. Is there a membership fee to join Trading Places to use their services?
    No. Unlike the other major exchange companies, there are no mandatory membership fees to exchange through Trading Places. Trading Places does offer an upgrade fee-based membership, Trading Places Prime. Trading Places Prime offers various benefits and discounts for exchanges and rentals. Click here to learn more about Trading Places Prime.
  2. How do I make an exchange with Trading Places?
    Simple. Call us at 800-365-7617 and let us know what you are giving up and what you want to exchange into. There are no fees until a confirmation is made. Have a bonus week? Click here to search exchange availability.
  3. Do I have to deposit my week before I can see what’s available for exchange?
    Anyone can search at any time! To see what’s available right now, visit our Exchange Availability page and take a look around. Click here.
  4. Where can I exchange with Trading Places?
    Trading Places offers hundreds of resorts around the world, but we specialize in resorts located throughout Canada, Hawaii, Mexico and popular US destinations. Click here to review Trading Places' Exchange Directory. You may also search destination and date exchange availability online, click here.
  5. Where does the exchange availability come from?
    Trading Places International’s available inventory comes from customers like you! When you deposit a week, that week is put into the bank for other exchangers to exchange into. This allows us to offer weeks in popular vacation destinations.
  6. If I can’t find the resort, destination or dates I am looking for, can I be added to a waitlist?
    Yes! There is always more available than what appears online. Before posting our availability online, each reservation is reviewed for potential waitlist matches. All reservations are offered to our waitlist before being posted online. Enter a request online and a representative will contact you once we find a match. You may also call our Exchange Department at 800-365-7617 to place a request over the phone.
  7. How far in advance can I place a search or confirm an exchange?
    You may exchange your week as far in advance as we have available. You may place a waitlist request up to 24 months in advance, provided you have a week deposited.
  8. What are Trading Places’ exchange fees?
    Trading Places’ standard exchange fees can be found online, click here. Some owners belong to a variety of programs or clubs which offer different rates. Please refer to your membership welcome packet for details on your specific exchange fees or call our Exchange Department at 800-365-7617.
  9. Can I request an exchange into a larger size unit or for a higher demand season?
    Yes, but remember, exchanging is based on like value. Unit upgrade fees may apply if you are exchanging into a unit that has more private bedrooms and/or larger occupancy than what you have deposited. Please contact our exchange department at 800-365-7617 for fee details.
  10. I want to add a few more nights to my timeshare exchange stay. How can I book extra nights?
    Trading Places offers nightly rentals at a select group of resorts. To view resorts, rates and dates visit Click here. Our Hot Deals list offers weekly stays at discounted rates within 60 days of travel; visit www.tradingplaces.com/hotdeals. Additionally, our Travel Services Department can set up hotel stays, cruises and other exciting add-ons. Visit www.tradingplaces.com/travel or call 800-365-6569.
  11. What is Trading Places’ cancellation policy and fees for exchanges?
    To review the Cancellation Policy for exchange reservations, click here.
  12. How do I deposit a week?
    You may deposit a week online or over the phone at 800-365-7617. The information you need to deposit is simple: resort name, the arrival date of the week you have booked with your management company, the size of the unit, and a confirmation or unit number. This information will assist in depositing your week and verifying it as soon as possible. For a detailed explanation of depositing a week with Trading Places, please click here.
  13. Why should I deposit early?
    Depositing your week early ensures that you have a deposited week of credit. If a week is deposited less than 60 days prior to arrival, it is considered non-guaranteed. When a week is non-guaranteed, the week needs to be used by another exchanger prior to you receiving a deposited week of credit. If that week goes un-used then the week is lost and you are not able to use the week to make an exchange. Please plan ahead!
  14. How do I know the expiration of my deposited week?
    The expiration of your deposited week with Trading Places is simply 2 years from the arrival date of the week you are depositing. Example: If you deposit a week with a beginning travel date of January 1, 2017, your banked week of credit will expire January 1, 2019. To extend your banked week, login to your account and go to "My Account" and the the "My Deposited Weeks" page.
  15. Why does Trading Places verify my weeks?
    To ensure quality service to all of our customers, Trading Places verifies all of its deposits for accuracy. We verify the size of the unit and the arrival dates to ensure that your vacation is not adversely affected.
  16. What is a Bonus Week and how do I get one?
    Bonus Weeks are extra weeks that can be used to book additional reservations in TPI's exchange program. There are 2 primary ways to earn a Bonus Week Certificate. 1) Become a Trading Places Prime member. All Trading Places Prime members receive a Bonus Week with every deposit that meets minimum "2-for-1" requirements. Click here to learn more about Trading Places Prime. 2) Through various promotions offered by Trading Places, typically requiring the deposit of a new week. To view the status of your bonus weeks, login to your account, go to "My Account" and then the "My Deposited Weeks" page.
  1. What is the best identification for traveling?
    Trading Places Travel recommends a passport for any international travel. See the http://travel.state.gov/passport website for the most current information. Your passport’s expiration date should be at least 6 months from your return date.
  2. Do I need any shots for my trip?
    General guidance on vaccinations and other health precautions may be found on the Travelers’ Health page of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website at https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel.
  3. What are EDOCS?
    EDOCS are electronic documents generated by the airline or cruise line and sent via email to the traveler. Completed pre-registration or check-in is required on the individual web site. Trading Places Travel Consultants are happy to assist with this process. They will also assist with printing if you do not have a printer.
  4. Which cruise line is the best?
    The Cruise Consultants at Trading Places Travel will ask you several questions about your expectations, budget and lifestyle before recommending the “best” cruise for you. We work with many great cruise lines and there is one for everyone.
  5. Can I use my banked week for Resorts to Ports?
    Resorts to Ports cruise exchange program accepts only uncommitted owner use weeks toward the cruise of your choice, so prior to banking your week, please check with our travel department. The week must be at least 6 months in the future and be accepted into the program. For more information about Resorts to Ports, click here.
  6. What is ship board credit?
    Ship board credit is a gift from Trading Places Travel on selected ships and itineraries. The credit is on your ship board account when you board the ship. What is better than free money? This credit can be used at the shops, spa, or for shore excursions. To check which cruises offer ship board credit and other free amenities, click here and look for Exclusive Amenities.
  7. Will Trading Places Travel help me with my family reunion?
    Yes, our Travel Dept. will assist you in the planning, reservations, payment, and documentation steps for your family, whatever the size of your group.
  8. What do you recommend for a destination wedding?
    Our travel consultants are very knowledgeable about resorts and cruises with great wedding packages and facilities. We will work with you to meet your needs for this very special event.
  9. Do you offer travel packages for young adults?
    Our travel packages for 18-35 year olds are very popular. From spring breaks to summer vacations and more, all our tours are flexible and give you free time every day. So you’ll have plenty of time to do your own thing and make friends from all over the world.
  10. Why should I take an escorted or guided tour instead of traveling independently?
    A guided or escorted tour is hassle-free: no maps to read, no road signs to translate, no parking worries, no hotels to find. The museums are open when you get there and you meet fellow travelers with like interests. Most tours are a great value as well as environmentally friendly. Today’s guided vacations are balanced with free time and exploration at your own pace.
  11. Do I need a car when I go to Hawaii?
    If you are staying on Oahu, we suggest taking a shuttle or taxi to your property and use public transportation on the island. If you are going to any of the other islands, call our Travel Department at 800-365-6569 for a Fly-Drive Package. This will include your airfare and a car rental for the size car you request. Driving around the islands is great fun and will help with visiting the markets and other beaches.
  1. Do I have to own a timeshare or be a member to make reservations through Hot Deals or Condo Connect Nightly Stays?
    No. You do not have to own a timeshare or be a member to book rentals.
  2. What is the difference between Hot Deals and Condo Connect?
    Hot Deals reservations are discounted weekly specials that are typically available 60 days or less from the check-in date. Condo Connect Nightly Stays can be booked for less than 7-nights at a regular rate. (Nightly minimums are required).
  3. What are EDOCS?
    EDOCS are electronic documents generated by the airline or cruise line and sent via email to the traveler. Completed pre-registration or check-in is required on the individual web site. Trading Places Travel Consultants are happy to assist with this process. They will also assist with printing if you do not have a printer.
  4. Which credit cards do you accept for rental reservations?
    We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Trading Places International – Lake Forest will appear on your credit card statement.
  5. How do I change or cancel my rental reservation?
    Hot Deals Weekly Stays are non-changeable, non-refundable. Please call the Vacation Rental Department at 800-365-9190 for assistance with changes or cancellations for Condo Connect Nightly Stays reservations.
  6. What is your cancellation policy?
    Please refer to your Condo Connect Nightly Stays confirmation as cancellation policies vary by resort and not all rental reservations can be canceled. Hot Deals Weekly Stays are non-changeable, non-refundable.
  7. How do I view or confirm my Hot Deals Weekly Stays reservation?
    If you made your Hot Deals reservation online, a confirmation would have been provided at the end of the booking process. To retrieve a copy, login to My Account, and view your Reservation History. You may also view confirmations for Hot Deals reservations made over the phone in your online account. Click here to login. If you do not have an online account, or would like to set one up, please call 800-365-9190.
  8. Do you offer group bookings and rates?
    We do offer a discount for groups of 10 or more rooms. The discount varies for each property, please call 800-365-9190 for details.
  9. Do you offer discounts: Senior Citizen, Trading Places Prime, and AAA? How about specials or promotions?
    We offer a 10% discount on Condo Connect Nightly Stays for Senior Citizens or AAA members. Trading Places Prime members also receive $40 off Hot Deals, for reservations made with 60 days of travel. Trading Places International also offers periodic specials via our e-blasts. If you wish to get access to these specials, click here to sign up.
  10. Why should I take an escorted or guided tour instead of traveling independently?
    A guided or escorted tour is hassle-free: no maps to read, no road signs to translate, no parking worries, no hotels to find. The museums are open when you get there and you meet fellow travelers with like interests. Most tours are a great value as well as environmentally friendly. Today’s guided vacations are balanced with free time and exploration at your own pace.
  11. How can I place a special request for my rental reservation?
    Call 800-365-9190 and a reservation agent will be able to add this request to your reservation.
  12. Can I use my exchange week for a week I see on your Hot Deals or Condo Connect?
    You will not be able to use your deposited week for a rental listing on Hot Deals or Condo Connect.You may view Exchange Availability online here, or by calling the exchange department at 800-365-7617.
  13. Does Trading Places offer an owner rental program?
    Trading Places represents the owners at several first class properties they manage in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii and many popular US destinations. Owners at select resorts can list their units for rent, and these weeks are made available to interested renters. We recommend listing your week as far as one year in advance for greater opportunity; a minimum of 30 day notice is required. For more information please call 800-365-9190. Timeshare should never be purchased as a rental investment, and rarely will a timeshare owner make a profit on renting their unit, but renting can be used to help offset some of the expenses of owning when the owner cannot use their week.

Condo Connect Nightly Stays

(Note: Please also review the general Rentals FAQs above as some answers also apply to Condo Connect Nightly Stays.)

  1. At which properties do you offer nightly rentals?
    Our nightly properties can be reviewed here.
  2. Is there a nightly minimum when booking a Condo Connect rental reservation?
    Yes. The minimum stay required varies for each resort. You will be alerted if you have not chosen the minimum requirement while searching travel date and rates. Click here to start your search.
  3. What do I do if the dates I’m searching for are not available?
    You may call 800-365-9190 and ask to be waitlisted for your preferred dates. We also offer online booking options at over 50,000 hotels worldwide. To start your hotel search please, Click here.
  4. How do I view or confirm my Condo Connect Nightly Stays reservation?
    If your reservation was booked through Condo Connect Nightly Stays online you will receive an instant email confirmation to the email address you provided. The email will contain your order number which serves as your confirmation number. If you did NOT receive an instant email after pressing submit button, your reservation is NOT confirmed. Please call 800-365-9190 for assistance.

Condo Connect Helpful Tips

Review Terms & Conditions:
Review all terms and conditions during your reservation process. The terms and conditions provide information on reservation payment policies and cancellation fees.

Credit Card Statements:
Please note, Trading Places International will appear on your credit card statement and not the name of the resort.

Front Desk Hours:
Please note the lobby hours under Resort Contact Information. This is when the resort is appropriately staffed for checking in guests and other services. If you need to arrive after hours, please call the resort front desk so that special arrangements can be made to accommodate your check-in.

Housekeeping Policies:
Review housekeeping policy for each resort, usually located in the resort amenities list. Most condominium vacation rentals have a mid-week and departure cleaning. Some offer daily service, while others will offer it for an additional fee.

Room Assignments:
All rooms are assigned when you check-in to the resort. Room numbers and special room requests are not guaranteed. A room move may be required depending on the resort’s specific “check-in day”.

Condominium vacation resorts usually operate on a 7-day cycle (eg. a Thursday “check-in” means the resort runs Thursday to Thursday the following week.) While researching Condo Connect travel dates please note each resort’s “check-in” day, as booking within their weekly cycle will increase your chances for availability and may avoid any possible room moves. For example, if you would like to take a 4-day vacation and the resort’s weekly check-in day is Thursday, booking your reservations starting on a Wednesday (through Saturday) would decrease availability or may require a room move. A Thursday through Sunday reservation would be a better option in this example.

  1. When can I expect my annual maintenance fee statement?
    Regular association dues are billed at different times for each resort. Please go to your resort website, choose Owners Corner, then choose Assessment Fees or FAQs for specific dates. For a list of resorts and links to each website, click here. Please note: a statement is mailed to you as a courtesy to assist you in making your yearly maintenance fee payment. Non-receipt of a statement does not relieve you of your financial obligation.
  2. How do I pay my maintenance fees? Can I pay online?
    Check/Cash payments are encouraged to help keep association expenses down, however if you can not pay by cash or check most resort/association websites offer the ability to pay your maintenance fees online with a credit card. Visit your dedicated website, choose Owners Corner, then choose the Assessment Fees section to pay online. For a list of resorts and links to each website, click here.
  3. I’m new to timeshare. How can I learn more about my purchase?
    The Owners Corner section of your resort or association website will have a wealth of information: FAQs, important contact info, governing documents, rules of the resort, and more. Additionally the website will have resort and area photos and information. For a list of resorts and links to each website, click here. Our Owner Services team is also available to answer all your questions and walk you through the details. Each resort has a dedicated phone number and email address. Visit our contact page and select Owner Services & Managed Resorts for your Trading Places managed resort for this info. Owner Services is extension 1!
  4. Why do I have to call in to make reservations for my use week?
    Before using, exchanging, or renting your week, you’ll need a specific week assigned to you. Fixed week owners own the same week each year, so by default already have a specific week assigned. Float use owners, on the other hand, may own within a certain season, but still need to call in each year to be assigned a specific week with specific travel dates. We encourage float use owners to make reservations early, early, early! For a great explanation of the reservation process and the reason you should reserve early, click here.
  5. I own a fixed week. Why do I have to confirm my use time?
    If you are planning on using your week, great! We are excited you want to enjoy your home-away-from-home. But if you are not planning on using your week, we greatly appreciate being notified so your week or unit doesn’t go unused. Someone else might want to enjoy your resort too! For your dedicated TPI resort phone number, click here.
  1. I recently moved, where can I submit my change of address?
    You may submit any change of address, phone, or email by phone or email. Please provide as much information as possible so that we may update the correct account. To visit our contact us page, click here. TPI managed resort owners, please choose your dedicated resort phone or email under Owner Services.